bringin’ vintage back



Sometimes we get caught up in all the new cute and sexy trends out there.  I am guilty, myself!  Recently, I took my first trip back to NYC since living there.  One of the elements of New York City I love the most is the freedom to be an individual.  There is no pressure to conform (my worst nightmare).  Ultimately, I am not as unique on the outside as I feel on the inside, it’s hard to be these days, like I said, cute things everywhere!  But, that gets old quick and my short weekend in NYC gave me life again!  I visited my favorite neighborhood vintage boutique, Loveday 31 in Astoria (they have no website to link 😦 ), where I found these sassy sunglasses.  Later that day, I stumbled upon the most incredible store in Soho that either wasn’t there when I frequented the area, or I just somehow never noticed it before (a travesty, either way!)  The Vintage Twin brought my vintage back and fed my soul!!

I’m not a huge fan of jeans – love the look, hate the feel!  Remedy?  Vintage Levi’s.  The Vintage Twin has all kinds of vintage clothing, but tucked in the back is the Jeanius Bar (swoon) where the girls hooked me up with some high waisted stone washed vintage Levi’s which they… wait for it… custom cut and distressed on the spot for me!!  They are fitted but not too tight around my natural waist, loose everywhere else.  Then, the girls propose shorts.  Now, I can’t really rock short short cut offs anymore, so I was in the market for some high waisted shorts that would be tight at the natural waist and long enough to cover the upper thigh.  At the Jeanius Bar, ask and you shall receive!  These girls looked me up and down, measured me, and handed me a pair that fit like a glove.  Sold!  Needless to say, I’ve been living in them ever since.




While the outfit pictured is more simple than unique, with all the new trends everyone seemingly instantly clings to, sometimes, simple is unique.

Bring your vintage back with The Vintage Twin
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boss lady


When a casual coffee with a fellow blogger turns into a photo shoot, yay!  Here’s the takeaway from this outfit – This elongated blazer from Zara.  It’s one of my new staples.  It doubles as a blazer and a jacket, and it’s long enough to wear over leggings.  The length also adds a boyish sophistication, not your regular boring blazer.  Living in Boston proper I see many a “classic”(aka outdated) work outfits, especially in the Financial District.  I am lucky enough to work in a very casual office, but I try to maintain a professional look while still expressing my personal style.  This outfit is the perfect representation.  Classic doesn’t always mean unflattering and boxy ladies!!  Here’s a tip – add layers with different angles or movement to add texture to an outfit, like I did here with the white draped vest under the jacket.




dressed down


Velvet dress from can be worn dressed up, as I originally donned it at a swanky NYE wedding, or dressed down, as seen here.  It’s a comfortable, ombre, long sleeve velvety dream with a high slit.  When in motion, the slit opens up all the way to the natural waist creating a beautiful cascading effect.  Note: if worn as a dress you’ll need to pin the slit a little lower down, but with leggings, no alterations needed.  I love a piece that can be worn many different ways and days.  This one has turned out to be more useful than expected – score!  I can’t seem to get away from this leather coat, as much as I try!  It JUST WAS the natural pairing with the velvet dress and Calvin Klein patent leather boots!  The cross necklace is the cherry on top of this witchy fall look.