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  • crisp combo

    I’ve unintentionally made this my color combo of the summer.  Well, as of now anyway.  Black and white are staples and with the addition of a rich cobalt blue, a regal aura emerges!  These colors just aren’t trying to be anything they aren’t.  So defined! This look in it’s entirety consists of a fitted, knitted…

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  • Growing up Greek-American

    “You’re not Greek”, he said.  Excuse me??  When I first moved to Astoria, Queens where people are straight off the boat, I heard this a time or two while working in some restaurants in the neighborhood.  At first, I questioned my own authenticity, but quickly realized these Greeks were just very close minded, which is fine, I…

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  • middle of the road

    This subtly sultry look beams “Sandra D” to me.  A modern day, less costume-y take.  Maybe about half way between her transformation from girl next door, quiet confidence to full blown sexy, bad ass.  Which is a good place to land. You can’t go wrong with a pair of tight black jeans, but the star…

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