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  • feelin’ bad ass

    I’ve been wanting to start boxing for years.  For one, it’s a great work out.  It’s also pretty bad ass.  I happily shed my put together exterior, clear my mind of any stress and worry, and just focus on learning.  When you put the worries of the world aside, even if just for an hour…

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  • genie in a bottle baby

    The last crop top of the summer…and possibly… life.  I mean, how long can we rock these things?!  What is the cut off?! (pun intended, teehee)  Can’t go wrong with a black fitted crop top with high waisted black pants.  I’ll be bringing these culottes right on into fall with me as long as I…

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  • girly grey

    It’s no secret that I’m not the biggest fan of wearing color.  To some, this may translate as a more masculine aesthetic, which I embrace.  But, sometimes a girl just wants to be girly! Enter…wait for it…ruffles!!  Ok, so there’s still no color here, cut me some slack!  But, this dress is completely girly in every…

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