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Sticking with Beacon Hill as my neighborhood highlight for a few reasons; it’s my own neighborhood, there are several qualities and local businesses to mention, and the last shop I highlighted is no longer in BH, so sad!

Next up is Paridaez, the most versatile clothing for life’s everyday experiences.  Their mission statement is this:

“You should feel empowered rather than limited by the clothes you wear – That’s why each piece changes into completely different articles of clothing.  Our collection provides you with looks suitable for travel, work, workout and night out, so that you don’t miss out on experiences.”

My personal favorite piece is the jogger, I have them in three colors!  They have literally saved me from wearing leggings every single day throughout the winter (otherwise, leggings + oversized sweaters all day, every day it is).  What I love about the style of Paridaez pieces is that they are minimalistic, clean and sleek.  You really can dress them up or down.  Wear them all together for a mono-chromatic statement look, or mix them with other pieces in your wardrobe.  About the design, straight from the makers:

“We apply minimalistic and utilitarian principles with clean architectural lines. We value classics over trendy, short-lived styles.  We don’t follow a typical fashion calendar and create new pieces that compliment our already existing collection.  We cross fashion merchandising categories and take a systematic approach.  Each piece that is added to the collection greatly increases outfit variants.  Our fabric is a unique premium blend that’s breathable, comfortable and seasonless.  We care about sustainability and ethical production: everything is ethically produced in the USA.  We also hold patents for some of our innovative pieces.”

Paridaez adds more than their quality clothing items to the community here in Beacon Hill, they also host many events in their space.  I met Allison Daroie, owner of Paridaez + pictured above, one day simply by stopping into the shop out of curiosity.  Once I tried on (and bought) a few pieces and chatted with Alison a bit, I realized we had a whole lot in common.  Good news for me, Allison holds events right down the street from me with other like-women (and men, men are totally invited, too) on a monthly, if not weekly, basis!  I began attending these events and realized what an amazing community of creative, social, accomplished yet still curious people Alison was building.  I’ve since met several new friends through this network, and I am proud of what Alison has accomplished, clothing and community.

“We curate one-of-a-kind highly experiential lifestyle events based around fashion, beauty, wellness, fitness, education, art, music & female empowerment.  We know you care about experiences, so we make clothes that help you get there, wherever there may be”


Visit Paridaez to shop or attend an event at 127 Charles Street, Boston, MA.  Follow them on instagram for more information and updates.

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