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What better neighborhood to kick off my monthly neighborhood highlight segment other than my blog namesake and current home; Beacon Hill!  There are many reasons to love this quaint area of Boston, from the picturesque cobble stone alleyways adorned with flower boxes and American flags, to the central nature of the neighborhood, which is walkable to almost any other section of Boston, including Cambridge and Charlestown.  What’s most special about this neighborhood, aside from the history and architecture, is the people, the community, and the businesses that reside here.

Each month in my neighborhood highlight I will dive into the success of a particular business in various neighborhoods.  This month is one of Beacon Hill’s newest and most chic additions, Salon.

“Salon on Charles is part showroom, part gallery, and part incubator for innovative studio-created works in furniture, lighting rugs, wallpaper and textiles.  The Salon collection is distinguished by its creative content and strong curatorial focus. Pieces have been sourced from around the world with a focus on innovative design and craftsmanship.”


Salon hit the scene in BH just under 2 years ago and continues to thrive.  What makes this space extra special is the inviting coffee shop inside where people are welcome to come and lounge in this gorgeous space surrounded by creativity and positivity.  Whether you are purchasing merchandise or not, the welcoming staff and locals who pop in to say hello make you feel right at home no matter if you are there to shop, browse, grab a coffee, work on your computer or all of the above!

Capone-19  Capone-26

Aesthetically, this space is clearly set apart from the other businesses on touristy Charles Street.  While I love vintage and antiques, I think this modern wonder is exactly what this old neighborhood needs.  The show room is a revolving door for emerging and incredibly talented artists, hand selected by the owner of Salon to showcase their pieces in the gallery right next door to the coffee shop.

Capone-27  Capone-33

Capone-21  Capone-30

The selection of pieces are exquisite, refined, and different.  If you are a resident of Beacon Hill and want to add a modern and eclectic edge to your traditional brownstone, Salon has accent pieces that will surely add something unique to your interiors.


Salon is located at 126 Charles Street in Boston, MA.

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