feelin’ bad ass


I’ve been wanting to start boxing for years.  For one, it’s a great work out.  It’s also pretty bad ass.  I happily shed my put together exterior, clear my mind of any stress and worry, and just focus on learning.  When you put the worries of the world aside, even if just for an hour long class, you can be that bad ass that already lives inside you.  What makes it easier?  Back Bay Boxing offers drop in classes with no obligation to buying in bulk or having a monthly membership.  You simply pay as you go, how refreshing!

When feelin’ bad ass you must also look cute.  My workout gear these days is provided by two brands I am a loyal buyer of.  Leggings and top from Fabletics.  It’s new and unfamiliar to some, but trust me, so worth it!  Sneakers by York Athletics.  A local Boston company crafting minimalist pieces with the simplest and most elusive branding, designed for maximum performance.





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