genie in a bottle baby


The last crop top of the summer…and possibly… life.  I mean, how long can we rock these things?!  What is the cut off?! (pun intended, teehee)  Can’t go wrong with a black fitted crop top with high waisted black pants.  I’ll be bringing these culottes right on into fall with me as long as I possibly can, which will most likely only be a few weeks, sadly.  They are so comfy and chic!  The stretchy waistband makes them the easiest to wear, yet the sleek dart placements add an interesting design element and flattering fit.

The earrings are my favorite!  This outfit was the perfect opportunity to wear them (I’ll use any excuse).  The top knot really ties together the entire outfit, giving it that “I Dream of Jeannie” feel.  If only I could grant some wishes!

     Top           Pants          Shoes          Glasses          Earrings




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