crisp combo


I’ve unintentionally made this my color combo of the summer.  Well, as of now anyway.  Black and white are staples and with the addition of a rich cobalt blue, a regal aura emerges!  These colors just aren’t trying to be anything they aren’t.  So defined!


This look in it’s entirety consists of a fitted, knitted blue crop top from Aritzia. The draped and angled white vest – I got on my trip to Venice, Italy from a small no-name shop, it’s so useful, I got one in black too!  One of those staples, man.  Gotta have ’em.  These shorts are a staple as well and I’ve had them for years!  They’re from Urban Outfitters.  Anything high-waisted is a friend of mine.  Shoes are Nine West.  Tote is Cuyana.  The addition of the rich brown leather is a contrast, but keeps the rich-in-color feel.  This tote goes with absolutely everything, and everything goes in it.  I call it my Mary Poppins bag.

These three colors together, each so matter of fact, make a real statement.  What that statement is, that’s up to the individual wearing it to decide.   However the clothes you wear make you feel, that’s what makes fashion so alluring to me.  Even those who don’t necessarily bother with style,  the clothes they wear effect their mood whether they realize it or not.   This outfit makes me feel, in a word- polished.




photos by Heather Danila.

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