my first post y’all!: ankles


What better season to start blogging about style than fall?  What better neighborhood to capture in the fall than Beacon Hill?!  I couldn’t pass up the chance to document these brick and cobblestone lined streets before they are covered in a coat (or 10) of snow.   This day was particularly perfect with the fallen leaves and ornate stoops appropriately decorated for the season.  It also happened to be the very last day of the year I could get away with open toed shoes.

I wanted to start with something classic and easy.  This outfit was effortless.  When you’re wearing a fairly comfy get-up and don’t feel like you’re on display, yet you still feel ultra feminine with your tiny ankles peeking through.  That’s your “showing skin” of the outfit.  It displays an air of confidence when a woman is comfortable enough in her own skin not to feel that she has to show it all off, but still wants you to know she’s sexy.

Let’s take it from the top – The sweater is incredibly lightweight and comfortable, it drapes and hangs in all the right places.  The slit neckline draws the perfect amount of attention to the neck – another peek of skin – Want it, need it, get it.

The scarf, well, little secret: it’s not actually a scarf.  I love to get a little thrifty when looking for pieces to add to my wardrobe to set it apart from the rest.  For this piece, I simply went to the fabric store, spotted this perfectly autumn-colored aztec print, cut a couple of yards and tied the ends together.  Voila!  A scarf is born.

When it comes to the lower portion of the outfit, I just couldn’t resist the ripped jean and heel combo.  Although everyone and their mother (hopefully not really) is wearing ripped jeans with heels these days, I’m not ready to stash it away in the archives quite yet.  There’s something so intriguing about this now-familiar look, because it just works!  I paired my ripped jeans with these burnt russet-colored Frye shoes – Want them, need them, get them.

DSCF2189 copy

DSCF2175 2


DSCF2239 2 close


We can’t forget about the scenery, the background of these shots are as important to this post as the outfit is.  Boston is so incredibly rich in beauty.  It’s all-consuming, I am utterly obsessed.  The granite, brick, cobblestone, iron fences, black shutters, natural wood front doors… I could go on and on.   And I will, in posts to come!

(OK, so I don’t say y’all in real life because I hail from the Northeast, not Texas. But I have a feeling I’m going to write it often, because it just makes sense!)

Photos shot in the streets of Boston’s Beacon Hill by Heather Danila.

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